Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday's Top 5 (Instagram Style) ~ Lake County Custom Portraits

There are a mere 79 days until the Summer Olympics begin in London. Who's excited? That would be a big, fat M-E, MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To put my love for the Olympics in perspective, consider that I told my fourth grade teacher that I was going to be an Olympic figure skater when I grew up, ignoring the fact that I had never had a formal figure skating lesson in my life. And in the summer, my sister and I were the QUEENS of underwater gymnastics. I can so totally stick an underwater back handspring, back tuck. Seriously, stick a leotard on me and call me Kerri Strug. I'm awesome. So in honor of the upcoming games (in which, alas, I will not be competing), I present....


5. Beach Volleyball. My husband and I like this sport for different reasons, but no matter, it is still fun to watch.
4. Diving. Don't deny it. You've stood at the edge of the pool and imagined yourself doing a double twisting somersault followed by a clean, splashless entry. And then you jumped in and soaked everyone within a ten foot radius.
3. Track & Field. Usain. Bolt. Holy. Crap.
2. Swimming. What's not to love about a sport where your country's guy wins everything. I mean, EVERYTHING.
1. Gymnastics. See above regarding childhood exploits. Kerri Strug. Shannon Miller. Dominique Dawes. I. Love. You.

Check back in two years for my fave winter events. And speaking of Usain Bolt, check out the hubster after finishing his first half marathon this weekend. He and Usain are like twins.

(p.s. USA! USA! USA!)

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