Monday, June 25, 2012

Doing the ole' switcheroo ~ North Illinois Family Photographer

Messed around with a new blog banner this weekend. What do we think? I was trying to bring the size down a bit, but I'm not sure about the text. That helvetica font can come off a bit too thin sometimes, I think. What would you change? Pictures? Font? Layout? Scrap the whole thing and just put a picture of some cute kittens? Maybe not so much that.

 And since it is illegal to post without a picture, here's one of adorable one-year old Tyler being adorable and one year old. I'll get around to blogging his full preview one of these days.


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Mom said...

Well you know your mother will always put her two cents worth in. I love the new pictures. They add a spring/summer look to the blog. I have to agree that the font is too thin. Can you "bold" it to make it thicker? It just doesn't stand out enough for people to see, capture and remember. Of course all the photographs are 100%awesome!!!!