Saturday, July 24, 2010

We Are Family!

Last weekend, we attended my husband's family reunion in Minnesota. Now, when you picture a family reunion, you probably picture a few hours at a potluck picnic on a Saturday. But if you were talking about THIS reunion, you'd be way wrong. This reunion only happens once every five years, so when it happens, it's big. W'e're talking three days of non-stop fun and almost 200 people.

Part of the fun this year was a silent auction to raise money for the fund that helps family members who financially might not be able to attend. I wracked my brain for something to contribute to the silent auction....I don't sew. I don't craft. I can bake okay but not from a lake cabin kitchen. I don't grow plants or veggies to share. I don't....oh wait, I do do something! I take pictures! Duh! So I auctioned off a photo session to take place that weekend.

Sandy was determined to win the session. Her husband, son, daughter, daughter-in-law, and two grandkids were all there that weekend and Sandy wanted that session. And she had a plan. Like a hawk, Sandy swooped in at the last minute and out-bid the high bidder. And I'm so glad she did! Not only did I get to know family members that I didn't really know before, those two grandkids of hers are really, really cute. (Dominic, I didn't mean that. You are handsome and cool. Totally not cute at all. But Peyton. She is really, really, really cute.)

Sandy, your family is beautiful. Thanks for bidding on me!





mom said...

You're pretty cool yourself madam photgrapher! Nice pics!

Kate Hollcraft said...

Katie -

Enjoying all of the beautiful photos you've taken. We'll schedule something soon, but had to comment, as one redhead to this tiny baby girl, how GORGEOUS she is. Please share with Adam's extended family my comments. Love the hair, the eyes, the chubby baby thighs! Adorable!