Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A letter to Fall

Dear Fall:

I know. Summer's days are numbered. The blessed heat and sunshine that I love so much are on their way out, and you, with your crisp leaves and wild winds, are on your way in. That's cool. I really do think you're pretty and all. It's just that, well, you can't fool this Florida girl. I know what you really bring. You bring cold and wet and dark. In short. You bring Winter.

But that's okay. Because there's still a little more time. Time for sitting on the front steps with my guys. Drawing chalk elephants and baseballs on the sidewalk. Time for bare feet and short sleeves and cheese faces. And even once we run out of time and you come along with your bright oranges and your vibrant yellows and your Pure Michigan commercials (those really are the best commercials), I'll still have my guys, and eventually (although it may be many months), my friend Summer will return.

Give my regards to Michigan,


Mom said...

Um, beside awesome mom, wiz-bang attorney and fabulous photographer you are now a wise and witty writer of prose. Gosh, what other talents do you have hidden behind that pretty face???

Katie said...

All that and I have a mama who faithfully reads and comments on my blog!