Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's Top 5

Something a bit different for today:


5. Mistakes Are Funny. What? Mistakes are funny. And sure, maybe you're not laughing now. Maybe it's mostly just me and your other friends laughing right now (and laughing hard), but one day, you'll laugh about it, too; because, really mistakes are funny. Most of the time.

4. Mistakes Make You Humble. Mistakes keep you from getting that big balloon head that you (and me and you and you and you) get when we've been on top of the world for awhile. Hey, we all need our bubble burst every once in a while, otherwise we'd really be insufferable.
3. Mistakes Are Learning Experiences. When was the last time you made a mistake that you didn't say, "Oh yeah, I should have done that instead."? And if you didn't say that (or some incarnation of it, please see number 4 and then come back to number 3). Seriously, I think some of the best photographic lessons I've learned have come from times when I've royally screwed up first and had to think through fixing it. This logic applies whether you're a photographer, an accountant, or an underwater basket weaver. Mistakes = Knowledge!

2. Mistakes Begat Greatness. Sometimes mistakes turn into accidental greatness. Okay, maybe not for you or for me, but that happens sometimes, right? Yes! The chocolate chip cookie, the slinky, and Velcro are all results of mistakes. Hope springs eternal.

1. Mistakes Are Just Mistakes. And finally, mistakes are just mistakes. I mean, not so much if you're a doctor or an airplane pilot, but for most of us, a mistake is just a blip on the map; something we'll look back on and laugh, reflecting on how much it taught us and how humble we are as a result. So don't sweat those little mistakes, because (after all), tomorrow is another day! (Sorry, couldn't resist).

What mistake will you make today?

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Anonymous said...

So glad that I can point out that there is an "Apple" involved in this Thanksgivings picture. I for one, have many thanksgivings for all things Apple. 