Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday's Top 5

Can I do it? Do I honestly think I can narrow it down? Only 5?

("What on earth is she talking about?," you ask.)

My top 5? Really? Well, okay, I'll try. But I reserve the right to change my mind.

THE TOP 5 PHOTOS OF 2010 (maybe):

5. I love this family shot that I captured just a few weeks ago. We had worn the little guy out by this point, but the yawn is just so yummy.

4. I know I probably shouldn't use one of my own little guy, but I truly adored his Halloween shots this year. He was the perfect baseball player and we were shooting at the perfect time with the perfect light. So this is love.

3. I loved everything about this session with Sofia and Gavin, but this is definitely my favorite (except for my 6 or 7 other favorites, but whatever). Letting kids do their thing = Awesome.

2. Confession: I found this sheet at a church rummage sale for .25 cents. I promise I washed it in HOT HOT water before I put little Michael down on it, though. I just love what the bright but not too busy pattern brings. A nice diversion from the traditional simple newborn shot.

1. I'm at #1 already? NO WAY! Honestly, this was never going to work. But if I must pick a #1, I suppose I would pick this shot from our family reunion this summer. "Jump off the dock all at the same time," I said. And they did. Perfectly. Ah summer....

Seriously, I cannot stop at 5. Here are a few more oldies but goodies that you may not have seen before:

p.s. Now that I've started, it's hard to stop. I'm sure I'll be back soon with more favorites.

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