Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday's Top 5

Valentine's Day is just around the corner (speaking of which, have you voted in the Share The Love contest yet? Get on over to the KSP Fanpage and cast your vote!). I am not really a big one for Valentine's Day. I don't dislike the holiday. I'm just not one of those "you better get me a dozen roses and a box of chocolates and take me out to dinner and name a star after me" kinda girls.

Nonetheless, the holiday has its charm, and there are some things about Valentine's Day that are just classic. Take candy hearts for example. Don't you remember sorting through these in elementary school to make sure you got just the right message for just the right person. Can't be giving Mr. I Have A Secret Crush On You the heart that says "Be Mine," now can you? These days candy hearts are a lot more creative than they used to be.


5. Sunshine. This one's sweet and happy. Plus, I love sunshine, so it gets two thumbs up from me!

4. Book Club. Really? This is a candy heart message? According to infoplease.com, this was one of the sayings for the year 2003. I probably wouldn't give this one to Mr. Crush, either, but I guess it's good to know it's out there.

3. IM ME. Okay, I think this means "instant message me," but isn't it nice to think that it means "I'm Me"? As in, "I'm me and this is what you get. Take it or leave it."

2. Mi Amore. I accidentally bought a bag of Spanish hearts last year. Fine, except I speak like ten words of Spanish. They're still in my cabinet. Who knows? They might be useful sometime.

1. Friend Me. This one is for real. I can personally attest that it was in the box of hearts I purchased to make the picture below. Truly, nothing says "love" like a facebook notification, right?

What is the best candy heart message you ever saw?


Rachelle said...

I love this idea ;-)
To think I went shopping and couldn't find candied hearts!

Katie said...

What? These came from Target but I had to buy a big eight pack. Couldn't just buy one box.