Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Top 5

I love music. Not in the "I know every album of every band who was ever worth knowing" kind of way. More just in the sense that I love what music does. It stirs memories, creates smiles. For me, it makes me want to dance.

When Max was a baby and I was staying home with him I discovered this whole genre of children's music that is so funky and out of the box. Let's just say it's not your typical "itsy bitsy spider" stuff. Children's music these days is funny and creative and happy and I love it. Some Saturdays I will just throw on an itunes play list and Max and I will dance around the living room like Fraggles for a half an hour. Truly, it is good for the soul.


5. Jump Up (It's a Good Day) by Brady Rymer. I dare you not to literally want to jump up and dance when you hear this song. Seriously, pull up itunes right now and try it. I dare you.

4. Pop Fly by Justin Roberts. This song makes me laugh thinking about what a terrible little right fielder I was once upon a time. I can't wait to see Max out there looking at the cotton candy clouds rather than looking for the ball.

3. I Like Yaks! by Roger Day. It's a song about yaks. What's not to love?

2. My Best Day by Trout Fishing in America. This is another one that just makes me happy. Wouldn't you just love to have your BEST day? When anything can happen? Oh and it's your birthday, too! Sweet.

1. The Song of Life by Scribblemonster. For all of you who like to throwback to your childhood, this song's for you. It's a reminiscence and a love song all at the same time. I love you and I love Life!

What kind of music gets your toes tapping?

p.s. In case you're looking for some more great kid's music, check out Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Robbie Schaefer, Meredith Brooks, Frances England, Billy Jonas, The Sippy Cups, Imagination Movers, SteveSongs and so many more!

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Anonymous said...

Love the music. I just played Jump Up at work and everyone wanted to dance. Latisha