Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday's Top 5

(What?!?! Tuesday's Top 5 is back? Hooray! Hooray!)

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on its way! And you know what that means? The Great Peep Off of 2011 is underway! What is the Great Peep Off of 2011? Among other things, it is the successor to the Great Peep Off of 2010, but it is also a silly little (ahem...fierce) competition between fellow photographers and anyone else who wants to join in to come up with the best photo using that classic and totally nasty Easter candy called Peeps.

In honor of the Great Peep Off, and because Peeps are really really really gross and should never actually be eaten, I thought I'd suggest some alternative uses for Easter's most disgusting candy:

5. Target Practice. Seriously, you want to learn the art of dart blowing but don't want to shoot them at your husband, child, walls, or dog? Peeps would seem to be the perfect target. Squishy with that extra but of stickiness to keep the dart in place after it's come in for a landing.

4. Packaging Material. Sending an Easter basket to the grandkids? Consider throwing a ziploc bag full of Peeps in with the basket to act as a bit of cushion. Drawback: Grandkids may eat the Peeps and thence become "Peep people." Shudder.

3. Adhesive. I can personally attest to the fact that Peeps will stick to anything and everything once you get past that outer layer of sugar. What's that you say? Your corporate presentation is starting in 5 minutes and you've lost your trusty easel? Grab a few chicks and stick your charts straight to the wall. Probably best to leave a fiver on the conference table for the cleaning crew, though.

2. Payback. I'm not condoning this one. Just putting it out there in the interest of full and fair reporting. Given their 100 % sugar content, 1000 % sticky residue, and the 10,000,000 sugar crystals that fall off when you even look at a single Peep, Peeps just may be the perfect payback. So let's say your kid came home from little Suzy's house last time with a mud-stained shirt, lacking a clump of hair, and sporting a few new four-letter words. What can you do? How about sending little Suzy home with a secret baggie full of Peeps next time she comes over to play. Again, I'm not condoning this choice. I'm just saying.

1. Enter the Great Peep Off of 2011. You probably saw this one coming. But really, the Peep Off is open to all. So grab some Peeps and your camera (try not to handle Peeps and camera at the same time. See #3) and get creative. I promise you it's a much better use of your time (and calories) than eating them.

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Mom said...

You make me smile baby girl! thank you.

Janae said...

Congrats! I loved looking through all the entries and really loved yours!