Thursday, September 29, 2011

33 Weeks

Here are a few of me and my boy (boys, I guess) hanging out at 33 weeks. (I am 34 weeks now.) Max is getting so excited about the baby. Kissing the baby is a daily ritual--a ritual I love except when we're in the middle of the grocery store and he tries to lift my shirt up to kiss the baby. I absolutely cannot wait to take pictures of the two of them together. In the mean time, click on the link below to read the text for this week's pregnancy page.


Aunt Jamie said...

I dislike #3.

Aunt Jamie again said...

I've decided that you must have picked a really horrible name like Watermelondrea or Chlamydia or Chandler or Ja'Delmar or L-A, or Bob or something like that and that's why you're not being any fun.

Anonymous said...

Two very cute bellybuttons!
Yia Yia