Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Project Nursery: Step 5

Who's ready for some TEXTILES?!?!?!?

Oh yeah. You know you've been waiting and waiting for this! Right? (Just go with it.)

To start with, let's reminisce about the DIY no-sew crib skirt from this post. Once my additional fabric arrived, I finished that puppy up and got it in place. Next I had to wait for the bumper to arrive. I ordered a custom-made bumper from this Etsy vendor. The way it worked was I selected and purchased the fabric, then sent it to her and she whipped it up into this lovely six-panel bumper. (I'm guessing her sewing machine skills are bit up on mine). The bumper arrived today and it is so pretty! Rather than being one long piece, it is six separate panels that tie together onto the crib.

As far as I can tell so far there are pros and cons to this approach. Pro: since our crib does not have any slats in the back, we can always remove the back two panels since they are unnecessary and don't have anything to tie on to. Con: if we want to use the back two panels, they droop forward a little bit, so I'll have to throw some velcro or something onto them to hold them up. In reality, I'll probably just ditch the back two panels once the baby is sleeping in the crib full time, but for now the whole thing looks pretty nice.

I also finally got around to whipping up some happy yellow curtains for the room. I gave the sewing machine one more shot. It didn't go well (so the Mighty Mender now resides at the Goodwill). But not to worry. Remember, I have a long and successful history with iron-on hem. Curtains? Piece of cake! Yes, you too can DIY some basic panel curtains in no time. All you have to know how to do is a) cut straight, b) fold and pin, c) iron in creases, and d) iron on the iron-on hem. Voila!

I chose to hang mine using curtain clips, but if you make your top seam wide enough, you can run a curtain rod through them, too. Here's a close up of my handi-work and the curtain clips.

And for my last (for now) textile project, I used some fabric remnants to make a book-themed bunting for over the closet. (Because it's practically illegal to design a baby nursery without bunting these days.) My plan for the bunting was to not only pull in the book theme, but also bring some aqua touches into the room. I LOVE the result. (FYI this is also a no-sew project. I assembled everything with hot glue). Aren't you totally digging that aqua chevron fabric? I know, me too.

By the way, you should pretend that fabric hanging out on the rocking chair is a quilt. It will be. One day. And in case you're wondering, the book pages in the bunting are from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and were purchased from this Etsy vendor (she tore up the book, not me. I still can't bring myself to deconstruct a book for this room. Yet). Oh and all the fabric came from the designer Premier Prints, but I purchased a lot of it from and also from

So, you likey? Me likey. No rest for the weary, however. Only five more weeks to go and there's still much to be done. Stay tuned for my next trick....ART!!!


Watermelon Wishes said...
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Watermelon Wishes said...

Beautiful nursery! I'd like to suggest you roll the back two crib bumpers up to form accent pillows. You can secure them with the ties in a nice tight bundle. Like a neck roll or jelly roll pillow.

Katie said...

Great idea! Thanks, Andrea!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome looking rocker. I bet it has some very special family significance. :) It looks so perfect in this very inviting, vibrant nursery.

Kudos to you Katie for your executing so well on your vision.
Yia Yia

your mom said...

I so love this nursery! One my favorite things besides, well just about everything else, is that you painted the little knobs on the closet bright blue! I can't wait to get up there to see all of you! Love you!

Katie said...

The knobs are actually drawer pulls purchased from Hobby Lobby!