Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Top 5

Welcome to the KSP Blog-the Happiest Place on Earth! Wait, that's not right. Let's try that again:

Hi, I'm Katie, this is my blog, and I'm going to the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

That's more like it. This week's Top 5 is inspired by something I did tonight: I booked my Walt Disney World vacation!!!! (I'm a touch excited. Can you tell?) The little guy is turning three in February and I am so excited to be taking him to Disney for the first time to celebrate. I'm even working on a letter to Max from Mickey inviting him to come visit Mickey's house. This is going to be so much fun ! (For Max, too.)

Now occasionally, someone will ask me, "Since you grew up in Florida do you just hate Disney?" This is usually the point where that person and I cease to be friends. I keed. I keed. But I love Disney (love love love). And the fact that I could see the Magic Kingdom's fireworks from my backyard as a kid only enhanced that love. (Did I ever tell you about the time my sister and I got free parking at the Magic Kingdom because we could name all seven dwarfs in under ten seconds? Yeah, we did. Be jealous) Anyhow, it's fair to say that when I clicked the "confirm reservation" button tonight there was a fairly substantial happy dance going on.

So in honor of my happiest place on earth dance, I give you:


5. The Tea Cups. I recognize that the Tea Cups are not everyone's cup of tea. In fact, that is the problem with the Tea Cups. No one will ever go on them with me. Apparently, they make some people uncomfortable. Weaklings. Tea Cups Rule!

4. The Haunted Mansion. I love the Haunted Mansion for how totally not scary it is. It is funny and amusing, not scary. Not scary EXCEPT for that tiny glowing witch lady who is floating above you at the very end. Do not, I repeat DO NOT look that creepy lady in the eye. Not unless you want to have nightmares about her for the rest of your life. I warned you.

3. Pirates of the Caribbean. Here's the thing about this ride. It is totally basic. Not high-tech, not fast-flying, not super scary. None of that stuff. But it is awesome and classic. I was very proud of the folks at Disney that even when they added all the Jack Sparrow stuff, they didn't mess around with the spirit of this ride. Kind of wish they would have taken that hairy foot guy off the bridge, though. Oh well. Yo! Ho! Yo! Ho! A pirate's life for me!

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Hold on to your hats! 'Cause this here's the wildest ride in the wilderness! One of the things I love about Disney is that when they do something, they do it right. Thunder Mountain is a great example of that. The roller coaster itself is not especially thrilling, but from the time you get in line to the time you leave the ride, you are in the wild west through and through. Other theme parks just don't do that quite right. Disney, I love you, and I love Thunder Mountain.

1. Space Mountain. I love LOVE love Space Mountain. It is so fast and totally violent. I've even been known to close my eyes and put my hands up in the air, even though I think you probably shouldn't (you've heard that urban legend about the girl who stood up, right?) I could ride this one again and again. Apparently everyone else could, too, because it tends to have a long line. But if the line is long, you can always look for the giant chocolate chip cookies flying through the air!

While we're in Florida, we're going to have a pirate-themed birthday party for Max. (Yo! Ho! Yo! Ho!) Take a look at this great collection of pirate party items I found on etsy. (Husband, if you read this, don't worry, I'm not buying them all. Just browsing.) I really REALLY want to do a pirate-yourself photo booth, though.

(All items from Etsy.com. From top left: Cupcake Toppers by TheBirthdayHouse; Pirate Photo Booth by LittleRetreats; Vinyl Wall Decal by FreckledHound; Pirate Bunting by BlueMoonStudios; Custom Invitations by MaryHadALittleParty; Pirate Shirt by Lakenandilla; Crayon Holder by BarefootTams; Toddler Necktie by BabyByStevie)

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Meghan said...

I LOVE Disney too so jealous of your trip with Max it'll be so much fun!!!!