Sunday, May 1, 2011

November Newborn

Booked a newborn session for November 2011. Why so early? Because it's my own newborn session! Baby Shores v.2 is on the way and due November 9th! I can't wait to meet our second little one AND to share lots and lots of newborn pictures with all of you! I'm already prop collecting.

For now, I've been trying to document the belly and some random thoughts here and there. My belly's not too big yet, but definitely growing faster than it did with Max. Stay tuned for more BSv.2 updates and mark those calendars for the first week of November!

(p.s. click on the link below each picture to be taken to a version with my random ramblings)

(p.p.s. not sure what I was thinking with this first picture. yikes! can you see "needs a tan"?!?! but I can't redo it now.)

[5 weeks]


Your mom said...

You look wonderful sweet pea!!!

Your mom also said...

Oh wow! I just re-read the post and read the part about clicking on the link. I love your conversations with BSv2! What a wonderful mommy you are and a very smart girl to boot!