Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Erin ~ Libertyville Senior Photography

Erin's senior session wins the award, hands down, for the most long-awaited session ever. Erin has been on my books for almost a year but due to some medical issues and then crummy spring weather, it wasn't until this weekend that I finally got to meet Erin and her mom in downtown Libertyville.

It was totally worth the wait, though. Erin is such a beautiful girl with a lot of spunk, and I had a great time during her session. She was up for anything, too (love that!). Like, for example, when I said, so "can you snuggle up to this vine that I'm pretty sure is not poison ivy?" She said, "okay." And when I said, "so how about you take your shoes off and go stand in that freezing cold river?" She said, "sure." "Oh and can you pretend the mosquitos are not eating you alive?" "Um, yeah."

I had a little surprise during this shoot. The field I was planning to use for some backlit sunset shots had been mowed and roped off! What?!?! Who does that to my field? No worries, though. We quickly came up with a Plan B, which turned out to be awesome and resulted in the river bed shots below. Love Plan B!

Thanks for coming out and being such a great sport, Erin! Enjoy your summer and watch out for those mosquitos!

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