Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday's Top 5

I learned so many useful things this weekend. Would you like to learn them too?


5. The vine growth covering the north-facing wall of the building next to the Legion Hall in Libertyville is NOT poison ivy. Thank goodness.

4. If it looks like the perfect location for a Woodland Tea Party, it’s probably the fairway of the 8th hole on a Frisbee Golf course. Oops.

3. When creating a Woodland Tea Party (on a Frisbee Golf fairway or otherwise), it helps to have a husband who loves you and a neighbor who owns a wagon. I, thankfully, have both.

2. In general, when Plan A turns out to be unavailable, don’t despair. Plan B may just be a thousand times better. (Neither of which, by the way, is a Frisbee Golf course.)

1. Bring bug spray. Despite its other positive qualities, Plan B will possibly involve a mosquito-infested river bed.

And now you know. More on Plan B later, but for now, speaking of vine-growth which is not poison ivy, here's one from a senior session this weekend with beautiful Erin. This was shortly after I said to her, "I'm 99.9% positive this is not poison ivy. So you're going to snuggle up with it, okay?"

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