Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Project Nursery: Step 2

Next weekend will mark the official deconstruction of our guest room in preparation for BSv2.0's nursery. Gasp! I'm so excited to get started! In preparation, I thought I'd try my hand at a design board to get some of the more important details in one place. Probably not the best design board you've ever seen, but it does the job.

The nursery will be a vintage book theme. I'm hoping to use book illustrations and pages throughout the room, with the focus being a big frame collage above the crib, as well as a kid-friendly book shelf on another wall. As you can see, my recent obsession with yellow will dominate the color scheme, but I'm also bringing in some brown and turquoise accents. On the opposite wall from the crib will be (if the hubs and I don't kill each other doing it) a yellow and white striped accent wall. (Squeeeee! I'm so excited about the accent wall!) This will be where the changing table is and I want to leave part of that space blank to add a canvas wrap of le bebe after he arrives.

You can see vendors for most of these items HERE on my pinterest board. I'll keep you updated on the progress (and whether we survive painting the wall)!

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