Thursday, August 18, 2011

What to Wear...ahem....Thursday

Wouldn't it be cool if I had posted this on Wednesday, thereby making it What to Wear Wednesday? Yeah, it would be cool. But I didn't. Sooooo.....any-who.

As I'm gearing up for my busiest season of the year (by the way, have you booked your fall session yet? Only a few slots are left!), the question I'm getting a lot is "But what should we wear?" Typically, this is followed up by, "I want us to coordinate but not be matchy matchy. How do I even start?"

The good news is, these are AWESOME questions, and I'm SO GLAD you're asking! One of the most important things YOU can do to make your photos stand out is to style yourself and your family to stand out. Why do all of the photos in magazines and catalogs look so awesome? Because someone styled them that way! But knowing where to start can sometimes be tricky. Here are a few of my suggestions, as well as a handful of "what to wear" boards to get your creative juices flowing!

Tip 1: Remember that color, layers, and accessories are your friends. Pairing a polo and a pair of khakis together is great and easy, but for your portraits, why not go a step further and add a jacket and a hat or some funky shoes? Trust me, the extra step will make all the difference!

Tip 2: Start one of two places. In my opinion there are two places to start: with your child (if you have a daughter, start with her) or with yourself. Why your daughter? Girls (and kids in general) are so easy to dress. There is no end to the cute stuff out there for little ones so putting together something fab is a breeze. Alternatively, why start with yourself? You (and I mean you, moms) are probably the hardest to dress because you are your own worst critic. So if you're really picky about what you wear, try starting by finding an outfit that makes you feel SPECTACULAR then build the rest of your family's style from there.

Tip 3: Consider your location. What location have we discussed using for your portraits? Urban? Country? Beach? Home? Your location should dictate your style so that everything blends seamlessly. You wouldn't wear a cocktail dress to a park would you?

Tip 4: Choose a color palette. Notice I used the word 'palette.' Resist the urge to pick just one color, and instead put together a few complementary shades on which to base your family's wardrobe.

Tip 5: If you really can't figure out where to start, pick ONE ITEM, just one item that you truly love and build around it. In this first design board, for example, I built the entire thing around the girl's green boots. (I want those for me!) I loved them so much, I had to use them. From there, it was a matter of finding clothes for the rest of the family that suited the boots.

Still have questions? Send me your links, your pictures, your huddled masses (okay, not that last bit), and I'll send you my thoughts. Sound like a deal? To get you going, here are a few design boards I put together on Check back next week for more style ideas for your session or head on over to Polyvore and put together a design board for yourself!

Fall Pumpkin and Green

Fall in Plum

Fall in Green
p.s. Most of the items in these sets came from Gap, Old Navy, JCrew, Boden USA, or Anthropologie.

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