Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple of My Eye

Every week Max's class at daycare has a different theme. Colors, shapes, dinosaurs, etc. This week's theme was apples. Apparently, somebody at his school was reading my mind, because I had already planned for us to go apple picking this weekend. What a perfect way to round out his week!

I had never been apple picking before and here are a few observations: 1) it takes no time at all to fill a peck bag with apples; 2) the picker thingy is super fun; and 3) it is hard to shoot a two-year old in an orchard in full sun. Max had a blast, though. He loved LOVED getting to pick an apple right off the tree and eat it. And he is LOVING the apple sauce we made today. Anyone else have an apple recipe to recommend?

As an added bonus from today, I got the hubs to snap a few of me and Max while we were there. Pictures of me with Max that don't involve me stretching my arm out as far as it will go in front of me while trying to hold the camera still and keep Max still are very hard to come by. I love these.


Erica Hanks said...

Hi! I just saw your post on 2 peas and notice you have a D40! Me too! I am looking into buying a new lens. The only additional lens I have is a 55-200. Do you like your 50 mm f/1.8?? I really need something for portraits. How does it do??

You've got some GORGEOUS shots here on your blog! Fun!

Katie said...

Hi Erica,
Thank you! It is all very much a work in progress.

The D40 has been a good little camera for me, although I'm about to upgrade. I probably would not recommend the 50mm f/1.8, however. Unfortunately, that lens does not autofocus on the D40. I realized this right after I bought it about two years ago. I'm not sure why I didn't send it back, except it was the lens I could afford at the time, but now that my son is super fast, as are most other kids I shoot, I hardly ever use it. So if you're going to go with a 50mm, I'd recommend you save up for the 1.4. The 1.8 does a great job if you manual focus or use it on another body, but if you're shooting kids you're going to want that autofocus!

My Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 hardly ever leaves my camera right now, but that covers some of the same range as your 55-200, so it may not be the best choice for you. Good luck with your search. Thanks for looking at the blog!

Anonymous said...

Who is your husband's wardrobe consultant? The apple picking blazer-glasses-designer jeans-oxfords outfit is stunning.

Katie said...

Ha ha ha! Who said that? I will agree that it was not his best outfit choice but it was hard enough work getting him out of the house that morning, so I didn't fuss.