Monday, September 13, 2010

Embracing the Midwest

If you know me, you know I'm not from Chicago. In fact, I'm not from the midwest at all. I'm from Florida (and proud of it. Seven generations, thank you very much!) We've lived here for over two years, but to some extent, the idea of having a corn field in my backyard or a sledding hill down the road or a tornado siren in the neighborhood is still so novel to me. And while I might not like all the things living in the midwest brings (i.e. snow, snow, and more snow. Oh, and tornadoes, too. Not a big fan of those), I'll admit the place has its own sort of charm.

Having a corn field in your backyard, after all, is pretty cool. Particularly when you find the cutest little cowboy hat at GapKids and a great old produce crate on the side of the road (yeah, I stopped and took it. Don't judge.) Of course, to get the most out of all these pretty cool things, you need to have a cooperative, two-year old model, eager to do the farmer/cowboy thing for you early on a Sunday morning.

Well. At least he's cute.

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Your Mom said...

Every time I think he can't get any cuter he proves me wrong! Wonderful, wonderful pictures and an awesome model! Love you all!