Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Top 5


I feel bad. I really do. I give Fall a very hard time. It gets such a bad rap from me. But Fall, do you really deserve so much derision? Surely not. I mean, yeah, you are the harbinger of snow. And yeah, when I was little you meant back to school and all that nonsense. But you can't be all bad right? No. Despite all my griping (mostly about the coming of the snow thing), Fall, you have some good qualities. So with today's post, I'm trying to make amends. Fall, here's to you:

5. Good Sports. In my opinion, Fall is the crossroad of the best sports. Baseball heats up, leading into the post-season in October (which is made all the more exciting when the Rays make the post-season, and more so when they don't choke in the ALDS, but whatevs). Football kicks off, bringing a good excuse to laze about on Sunday afternoons, without the worry yet that your team will totally stink it up when it comes to the playoffs. So yeah, Post-season baseball + Early days of Football = Good times.

4. Harvest Time. Here's one I never really appreciated until I moved to the midwest. Apple season and pumpkin season are fun! We had a blast picking apples this year, and I cannot wait to carve up some pumpkins with my little guy in a few weeks. Who knew that so much fanfare could be made out of the apple? And who knew that those apple donuts from the Long Grove bakery could be sooooo delish?!?!

3. Fall is the Gateway to the Holidays. I'm not going to deny it. I LOVE the holiday season. As soon as I see that December issue of Real Simple in my mailbox, it's on like Donkey Kong. But really, Fall is what gets the ball rolling. I get an excuse to decorate the house with leaves and pumpkins and clingy ghosts on the window that my husband hates. And soon I get to start picking out recipes for cakes and pies to make for Thanksgiving. AND THEN I get to start seriously Christmas shopping and trimming the tree and singing Christmas carols and going to Florida. Yippee!!! So there. I'll admit it. Fall brings something good even if it does come with a hefty helping of snow.

2. Leaves. Yeah, yeah. The leaves are beautiful. Could I do with just a week up north every year to see them instead of a whole season of Fall? Yes. But when you crest a hill and a mosaic of brightly colored trees comes into view, each trying to out do the other for best and the brightest--that is pretty spectacular.

1. Halloween. So maybe this kind of goes with number three. But I really adore Halloween, so it gets its own spot. Even before I had Max, I loved Halloween. I used to make the hubs carve pumpkins with me only for them to wilt the next day in the Florida heat. We would go to our neighbors' annual Halloween bash, Stephoween (Adam, should I post the picture of you in your Captain Steubing costume?) And back then, the best was getting to see all the cute kiddos come to the door in their princess and cowboy costumes. In our house, we still talk about this little two-year old Bob the Builder who came by one year, hammered a nail in our front porch, and totally stole my heart. BUT NOW Halloween is even better, because I get to share it with Max. I love picking out his costume and taking him trick-or-treating (which we have been practicing saying this year). And have I mentioned how cute he is in his costume this year? I mean, really, seriously, totally cute. (Sorry, you're going to have to wait until next week to see the pictures). And he's still young enough that I can take the good candy out of his bag first without him realizing it. Oh man, I love Halloween!

And speaking of leaves....

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